St. Louis is no stranger to extreme weather. From earthquakes to tornadoes and thunderstorms, we have seen it all. Storm damage can have diverse effects on the exterior of homes. High winds can cause shingles to tear or rip off which can leave your roof exposed to the elements. Hail can damage shingles’ protective layers. The expert team at RAK Renovations will inspect your home and the surrounding property to ensure we catch even the smallest evidence of damage. Our team receives expert training on what signs to look for and the methods of recording any disturbances. No matter what the extent of the damage is, it is important to work with your insurance providers quickly in order to prevent the damage from becoming worse.

After a storm, there are always many contractors trying to work with those affected by the storm. Our team has the knowledge and the training to take the stress out of dealing with storm damage. Our team knows that making insurance claims can be confusing and time consuming and we use our experience to benefit our customers.

We will work with you to make sure you are fully aware of your specific policy and the coverage that it provides. We view it as our responsibility to represent your best interests when working with insurance companies.

Insurance Process

  • A RAK Renovations specialist will inspect your property for weather-related damages.
  • If there is damage to the property, a project manager will walk you through filing an Insurance claim and schedule a date and time for the Insurance adjustment.
  • A RAK Renovations project manager will meet with the insurance adjuster to walk through all damages to ensure all damages and repairs are agreed upon.
  • The Insurance Company will mail the first check and the adjuster’s report, detailing the approved scope of work. Your project manager will meet with you and review the scope for accuracy.
  • You should make copies of the adjuster’s report and give one copy to your project manager. We will then review and discuss the adjuster’s report with the insurance company.  (This ensures no damage has been missed and all supplements are approved to protect the homeowner).
  • Both parties will agree to selected materials and repairs. Your project manager will collect the first insurance check.
  • After repairs are finished, your project manager will walk the property with you to confirm all repairs were completed properly. The project manager will invoice the insurance company for all repairs and supplements.
  • The insurance company mails depreciation and supplemental checks. Your project manager will collect all checks from you, including your deductible.

RAK Renovations is a local roofing contractor in the St. Louis area who specializes in assisting homeowners through the insurance process after a hailstorm. Early on in the business, we recognized the need to improve how homeowners are treated when dealing with insurance claims. We understand that the frenzy of questionable contractors infesting neighborhoods after hail and wind storms can be very overwhelming, frustrating, and confusing to homeowners. At RAK Renovations, integrity comes first for our team and we make it our goal to ensure that your interests are prioritized at all times.

The RAK Renovations team is comprised of a hand-selected group of restoration specialists.  Only top-performers and the most disciplined, reputable individuals have been accepted onto the team. Each individual is knowledgeable, competent, educated, and dependable, and their main focus is to be reliable, available, and helpful to each of the homeowners they serve. While most contracting companies spend their time trying to find and sign the next contract, RAK Renovations dedicates its resources to genuinely serving their homeowners.

Our purpose is to add value to the lives of those we provide services to and those who provide services to us.

Everything we do as a company leads back to three core values:

  • Our continual pursuit of improvement
  • Quality craftsmanship and product
  • Honesty, integrity, and fairness

We intend to add value to our communities, clients, and team members through the execution of quality construction related projects. Our focus is to build a sustainable organization that provides opportunity for years to come.