Our cedar shake siding products are perfect for St. Louis homes because they can withstand extreme weather and provide energy efficiency. You are sure to find the right product for your home within our large selection.

We know that no two homes are the same which is why we provide a custom solution for each customer. Whether you are seeking staggered edge, straight edge, or half-rounds, we have a variety of colors and textures to choose from. If you are unsure of what products will best fit your home’s look and feel, we will work to educate you on the variety of and differences in our cedar shake products to help you make the best decision.

Our family has been serving the St. Louis area for many years and we know that the extreme weather conditions we face can take a toll on exteriors. The damage we see most often presents itself as cracks, warping, and fading. Not only can this take away from the look of your home, but it can result in potentially expensive water damage or pests. Cedar is a strong material which can withstand wind, rain, hail, and snow. This strength means less frequent repairs and replacements, which leads to cost savings. Increased protection is also seen through the natural insulation these shingles provide. An added lining will give your home a more sustainable environment as it will not leak as much air as alternative siding solutions. With a more securely insulated home, energy bills will become more predictable and less expensive.

You might be surprised to hear that the cedar material itself is very eco-friendly. Cedar shake siding does require manufacturers to cut down trees, but, at RAK Renovations, we only work with partners who are environmentally conscious and dedicated to less intrusive solutions. Once the cedar is harvested, it is light weight which makes it easier to ship and install. Environmentally friendly solutions are a passion of ours and we are proud to offer solutions that are sustainable.

Our team has a history of providing successful exterior service to the St. Louis area thanks in a large part to our passion for customer service. Throughout the design and installation process we will provide professional and friendly service and answer any questions you might have. If you are curious about our solutions or already ready to start designing, give RAK Renovations a call today and get started!