The team at RAK Renovations believes it is important for our customers to understand what we are doing, why we are doing it, and how it will affect the current roof. To provide the best possible services for you and your home, it is important you understand the purpose and function of these parts.

The soffit is the exposed surface underneath the part of the roof that hangs off the side of the house. If you are standing next to your house and look up towards the sky, the material you might consider the “ceiling” is the soffit. A soffit can also refer to the horizontal underside of similar architectural structures such as an archway, a staircase or a ceiling. A roof soffit is commonly made of aluminum and vinyl, but fiber cement, wood, and steel products are also available.

A soffit has multiple uses. First, it is aesthetically pleasing to see this section of your roof covered. Without the covering, there would be visible rafter beams. Exposed rafter beams are not only displeasing to the eye, but also need to be protected from different weather elements. With exposure to these conditions, your rafters can build up mold and begin to rot, causing costly issues.

Another function of the soffit is to increase air quality in the home. Using a soffit vent, you are able to ventilate the attic of your home and can achieve proper air flow while limiting the moisture that gets inside your home.

Most soffits are made from vinyl, an effective material for withstanding the degradation that comes from heat and moisture exposure. This is especially important considering that the soffit can be easily exposed to moisture due to unkempt gutters and wet weather conditions. Even with the proper material, there will be times your home will need a soffit repair. Like anything, updates are required over time to maintain efficiency and optimal function of the soffits.

Call RAK Renovations today for all your soffit installation, repair, or advice! Our team is highly skilled and experienced in this area and we are sure to provide you with the best solution for your home. We will inspect your current situation and will be able to assess what solution is best for you while staying within your budget. The entire team at RAK Renovations looks forward to getting to know you!