LP SmartSide products are treated with Smart Guard, a unique zinc borate-based process that results in stronger products. The LP SmartSide team is so serious about producing products that are durable that they worked with NASA to evaluate their siding against fiber cement siding. The study found that the LP SmartSide solutions could withstand more impacts than the competition. The product has undergone a real-world test in Hawaii where even after years of exposure to the moist climate, the siding remained structurally sound.  Here in Missouri, we face four seasons and extreme weather conditions throughout each year. Home owners can rest assured that these products have been proven to remain strong throughout heat and sun exposure, heavy rains, termites, and freeze and thaw cycles.

Not only do homeowners want a product that is strong, but they want it to improve their home’s appearance. These solutions offer the genuine look of real wood, giving your home a beautiful finish. RAK Renovations offers a variety of sizes and colors to fit the look of any home and can pair these panels with existing stone, stucco, or brick if necessary. If you are unsure of which products will best fit your home, our experienced team can show you previous examples and walk you through the different options available.

Along with the protection that an updated exterior brings, it can also lead to efficient operations of your home’s critical systems. We are proud to help lower the repair bills of our customers by providing solutions that are sustainable and environmentally conscious. LP is committed to the environment and practices sustainable forestry. This commitment means a lot to our team and our customers, who want to utilize beautiful and strong wood products without endangering our valuable resources.

Our team at RAK Renovations is passionate about the quality of the products we provide, which is why we choose to work with LP SmartSide. Their selection of hardboard siding can give you the wood look you are seeking that can withstand the dynamic St. Louis weather conditions without harming the environment. You can trust our experienced staff to answer any questions you may have from design to installation. Give the team at RAK  Renovations a call to learn more or get started!