Did you know that asphalt is the most popular type of material for shingles in the nation? That’s because asphalt roofing combines the best of both worlds, it can make your house look great and is also very protective. Homeowners that have chosen to utilize asphalt roofing as opposed to other materials have seen fewer leak issues which results in less maintenance. From storm or hail damage to normal wear and tear, the RAK Renovations team can help give you the asphalt roof that will last!

We know that our customers want a variety of options to create a custom look for their home. Some of our most popular asphalt roofing products include:

  • Architectural Shingles
  • 3-tab Shingles
  • Designer Shingles

At RAK Renovations, we take pride in our reputation of giving homeowners quality asphalt roofing. We make it a priority to give all our customers a roofing solution that is tailored to their home. With plenty of asphalt shingle options available, we take our time to ensure that you are educated on what style will best fit both your home and budget. We understand that purchasing a roof is not a small investment! When you partner with us for your roofing needs, one of our professionals will take you through the process step by step to ensure that you are well-informed on the benefits of the various products we offer.

With the combination of our wide selection of quality products and the experience of our team, we can help save you time and money on your asphalt roofing services! To learn more about the benefits of asphalt roofing give RAK Renovations a call today!